The Great EDH Challenge

Hey there EDH players.

I decided to reattempt the Great EDH Challenge. This challenge entails making an EDH deck of each color combination, 32 decks in total. I aggressively pursued this challenge several years ago, but was never satisfied with the unofficial 4-color options of the time; the Nephilim. But with the C16 Commanders, and their accompanying Partners, I can rightfully complete the challenge.

I will be spending several posts going through the decks I have chosen to create to complete the challenge. This is the ultimate challenge in deck creativity and expression for me, so I look forward to going through my decklists. Deck construction is perhaps my favorite thing about MtG, perhaps even more than playing the game! In any case, this is the list of decks, to be updated upon their completion:

Colorless: Ulamog Rocks

Mono Color
White: Mangara’s Enchanted Lifegain
Blue: Memnarch C&C (Control and Combo)
Black: Sidisi Ad Nauseum
Red: Rograkh/Jeska Voltron
Green: Sekki Spirits

Allied Pairs
Azorius: Raff Superfriends (Teferi Tribal)
Dimir: Silas/Keskit Artifacts
Rakdos: Kaervek Hazard
Gruul: Gallia Satyrs
Selesnya: Saffi Reanimator Combo

Enemy Pairs
Orzhov: Vishkal Aristocrats
Izzet: Aegar’s Giant Burn
Golgari: Jarad Reanimator Toolbox
Boros: Gerrard Sunrise
Simic: Kumena Merfolk

Esper: Sen Triplets Theft
Grixis: Solkanar Demons
Jund: Lord Windgrace Land Destruction
Naya: Samut Anthems
Bant: Derevi Stax

Mardu: Kelsien Human Equipment Deathtouch Pingers
RUG: Maelstrom Wanderer Stompy Ramp
Abzan: Kethis Black People
Jeskai: Gavi Cycling
BUG: Volrath Infect

4 Color
Glint-Eye: Max/Eleven Bad Girls
Yore-Tiller: Breya Goodstuff
Witch-Maw: Atraxa Charge Counters
Ink-Treader: Bruse Tarl/Thrasios Shirtless Studs
Dune-Brood: Saskia Soldiers

5-Color: The First Sliversss

I look forward to sharing and discussing these fun decks with all of you!

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