The Great EDH Challenge: Green – Sekki Spirits

Sekki, Seasons’ Guide


Power Level: 4.2

This is my casual mono-green spirits deck. It has been the butt of many jokes by my playgroup, who think that this deck is incredibly weak. Despite their views, this deck has a pretty good win rate. When people see my commander, and the weird spirits that they’ve never even heard of, it takes pressure off of me during the game. I have been able to amass a ton of spirits, lord them up, and swing for lethal several times. This deck may not be fast, or flashy, but it is always interesting to play in a more casual pod.

Sekki can make a lot of spirit tokens, especially when he has been given an additional toughness. His damage prevention / token creation replacement effect makes for very interesting combat, when I am able to get him out. By the time the uninitiated realize that he has this ability, I have probably created dozens of spirit tokens. Heck, even my regular playgroup makes this mistake time and time again.

The rest of the creatures in the deck are primarily incremental value engines and minor threats, to put pressure on my opponents until I play Sekki. There is a good amount of removal in this deck as well, as much casual interaction that I could manage in green while keeping the budget within acceptable limits. I would run Wave of Vitriol merely to watch the wave of vitriol it usually causes when you make a 4 or 5 color deck sac all their lands without replacements to search for, but I run too many utility artifacts and enchantments for that.

I look forward to changing out Sekki for Kamahl, Heart of Krosa and Kodama of the East Tree when I get ahold of them soon. Should make for an interesting boost in power! Interestingly enough, a friend of mine who always speaks ill of this deck told me that changing out the commander would be disrespectful to Sekki. Despite me rolling my eyes at his duplicity, I did feel a pang of guilt about getting rid of Sekki as the commander. But alas, change is the spice of life!

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