The Great EDH Challenge: Colorless – Ulamog Ramp


Power Level: 5

This deck has a simple gameplan; Ramp up to cast Ulamog. Ulamog is quite powerful, being able to exile 2 permanents when you cast him, as well as kill in three hits on average. And if he wasn’t bad enough, making an opponent exile 20 cards from their deck is brutal and demoralizing. There are a few other pay offs to the ramp, such as It That Betrays and Walking Ballista, and there is a small equipment package to make your smaller creatures into threats in case you stall out before reaching 10 mana.

There have been plenty of times when I have put Assault Suit on Ulamog, and passed him around the table. Opponents are oftentimes giddy to swing him at their declared enemy, and sometimes even gang up on one problem player to eliminate them completely. I have put Worldslayer on Ulamog a few times, and watched as my opponents look helplessly as I destroy all permanents other than Ulamog and his sword. Fond memories!

My friends constantly keep an eye on me when I play this deck, constantly asking “How much mana do you have?” each turn. They know that when I get to 10 mana, I’m going to exile two problematic permanents. There is a lot of pressure put on me when I play this deck, even though it is inherently weaker than others at the table, but I understand the dread of having your board state disrupted in an almost uncounterable way.

Many games have been spent having my artifacts picked off to prevent me from reaching 10 mana before turn 10, which is annoying. But most of the time, I can recover quickly and get Ulamog down. Him being indestructible really helps him stay on the table. Despite knowing that, it is always a surprise for me when he sticks around for more than one turn.

If all else fails, just voltron up a Plague Myr and kill them with infect!

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