A Magic Origin Story

So, I’ve been playing Magic the Gathering for about 10 years total. I got started in the original  Mirrodin block,  back in 2003. I was in middle school at the time, and was brought into the game by a teacher who ran an after-school club for playing cards, D&D, and board games. I was quickly taught the ropes, started playing both Type 2 (Standard) and Type 1 (Vintage), and fell in love with the game.

A Mirrodin wallpaper I used yeaaarrrrs ago.

I played for nearly 4 years straight, got out of the game during 10th Edition, came back for Alara block (Esper so cool!), left again during New Phyrexia (Why the heck did the damn Phyrexians ruin my favorite plane!!), came back for Return to Ravnica (Of course), left during Theros block, and didn’t come back until Kaladesh.

Returning for Kaladesh was a bit serendipitous, as it ended up being a broken artifact set just like Mirrodin was. ♥

I’ve never been very competitive, although I’ve acted like I was when I was in grade school, hah. I’ve attended a few GPs, but seldom make it to Day 2 in any Main Events.  I’m more of a skilled casual player. Over the years, I’ve gotten out of the competitive formats and mainly stick to my two favorite formats; Limited and EDH.

I’ve gotten a lot out of this amazing game. I’ve made lifelong friends, improved my ability to think strategically, and benefited from investment opportunities, haha. Magic the Gathering has definitely improved my life, which is why it’s my favorite hobby~!

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